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Rebounder Deluxe

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The Rebounder Deluxe on wheels for tennis and pickleball (plus many other racquet and paddle sports)! There is absolutely no rebound net that comes closer to this one!

Dimensions: 7’H x 10’W x 4’D (Wide enough for two players to practice side-by-side)
Angle Adjustments: Perfect for multitube of drills for tennis, pickleball, and more. Serves, overheads, volleys, groundstrokes for beginners to advanced players!
Adjustable: The net angle adjusts from vertical to a 15-degree angle for a realistic rebound to simulate the arc of real play
4-Inch Wheels: Large and lockable wheels for complete portability
Easy Storage: Folds flat for compact storage
Power Absorption: Netting is intentionally soft with good reason. Balls will rebound in a very controlled area, making it useful in driveways, on patios, and even in a garage or basement
This rebounder is designed for either indoor or outdoor use. However, please do not leave the product outside for extended periods. It is recommended to store this product indoors and not be exposed to wet or extreme outside elements. Although the rounders are rust resistant, they are not rust proof.

Rebounder Deluxe replacement netting is also available.



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