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Smart Pole Fabric Fence System

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SF-SP16 ; SF-SS16 ; SF-HSF150



60″ Smartpole 
● Poles and sockets are made of high strength polymer
● Install quickly with punch pilot hole tool, socket setter, and install sheet
● Hang fencing on cap and sleeves
●  Adjust tensions as needed
● Comes with yellow polyurethane rope and tie wraps for added stability
● Option 1 (SF-SP16): 60″ Smartpoles, 12″ Ground Sockets & Plug, Cleat Cap, 2 Sleeves (Set of 16)
● Option 2 (SF-SS16): 60″ Smartstake w/ pointed end, Cleat Cap, 2 Sleeves (Set of 16)

Does not include the fabric fence

Hexnet Sports Fence
Used as a temporary outfield barrier to guard the diamond against trespassers
● Batters can also use the fence as a target for hitting balls out of the park
● Polyethylene mesh construction gives an extremely tough design that lasts through impacts and harsh conditions
● Stand-alone fencing is held upright using the Smartpole staking system
● Dimensions: 4’H x 150’L
● Color Options: Blue, Dark Green, Scarlet

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