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Outfield Fabric Fence System

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SF-PFS50 ; SF-PFS150 ; SF-FF50 ; SF-FF150



● Fabric fence with a yellow tape top
● Enables you to construct a portable outfield quickly and efficiently
● Slide the poles through the vinyl pockets and drive the poles into the turf with a rubber mallet
●  Vinyl pockets are spaced every 10′ allowing for uniformity and stability
● Steel pilot hole tool is included to assist when you’re working with hard ground
● Includes: Fabric fence w/ pole pockets, anchor poles (2), heavy-duty poles, steel pilot hole tool)
● Color Options: Blue, Dark Green, Red

Size Options:
SF-PFS50                 50’L Fabric Fence System w/ 6 Poles
SF-PFS150               150’L Fabric Fence System w/ 16 Poles
SF-FF50                   Fabric Fence w/ Pockets Only (50’L)
SF-FF150                  Fabric Fence w/ Pockets Only (150’L)
*Optional Additions: Ground Socket and Caps (Pack of 32), or Ground Socket Caps Only (Pack of 12)

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